MD Support Programme

The MD Personal Support Programme™ is based on a series of monthly meetings which result in an ongoing action plan to meet the development needs of the MD, the business, and the staff, and which tackles other opportunities and threats as they arise.

A long-standing Managing Director, recently asked a very pertinent question when he said “who manages me?” In other words, in a small to medium sized company who sets the MDs goals and objectives , who monitors the MD’s performance, who prods the MD to ensure key tasks are carried out, who can the MD turn to for advice and support, and who can help the MD to develop their business skills?

Over the past 10 years PBA has provided business owners and Managing Directors with confidential and highly personal support to help them realise the aspirations they have for themselves and for their business.

The programme also provides access to a raft of tried and tested business specialists who can ensure the success of the action plan.

In addition the meetings provide MDs with a confidential forum for discussing ideas with an objective third party not involved in the ‘politics’ of the business and with no axes to grind!

The MD Personal Support Programme™ includes unlimited telephone and email support providing owners and Managing Directors with a reliable and objective business ‘partner’ who is focused on their personal success.

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