Goal Mapping & Achievement Programme

Most owners and MDs have a vision of what they want their business to do when they set it up but all too often that vision gets lost or blurred in the constant battle to meet deadlines, keep the cash coming in, gain new sales, retain staff, control costs, etc.

A GMap™ consultation provides owners and directors with time to consider the bigger picture with an experienced advisor. The advisor will act as an objective third party to review current business performance, look at strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, and work with the owners and directors to identify or clarify goals.

You may want to take stock of your business and create a sound plan for the coming years or you may have hit a ‘block’ preventing your business from growing and want to find a solution. Alternatively you may want to develop and an exit strategy from your business or prepare your business for sale or a merger.

Whatever issue you are grappling with having someone who you can discuss your finances, current business position and future plans with – in absolute confidence – and receive back sound, reliable, robust advice can be invaluable.

Following an initial consultation your advisor will provide you with a GMap™ report and a draft plan highlighting how your business goals can be achieved. The report will contain practical and cost-effective suggestions for taking the business in the direction the owners and directors want it to go – whether this is to develop a long-term strategy, increase sales, reduce costs, increase profit margins, improve staff retention or formulate an exit strategy.

Your advisor will then work closely with you and your team through either our MD Personal Support Programme™ or our Directors Personal Support Programme™ to ensure the plan’s success.

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