Customer Insight

Good customer retention is vital to any business given even a slight reduction in the customer defection rate can have a disproportionate effect on profitability.

However, customers can only be retained if they are loyal and motivated to resist competition – when customers are merely satisfied with the service they receive they may still “walk”.

Good customer retention relies on the combination of:

• High satisfaction with product performance and customer service.
• High intention to continue to do business with you.
• High willingness to recommend you to others.

It is important to identify exactly what it is about you that makes your customers satisfied, why they buy from you even though competitors may be cheaper and what they consider as your strengths and your weaknesses.

We are able to carry out highly insightful customer satisfaction telephone surveys using tried and tested templates that capture information crucial to customer retention that can also help with new customer acquisition.

The surveys will confirm and identify:

• Your customers’ buying processes, decision makers and influencers
• Overall satisfaction levels and the potential for referrals
• Satisfaction with individual members of staff
• The 5 key factors your customers look for in their suppliers & how you are perceived to perform in these areas.
• What your customers see as your key strengths and weaknesses.

The surveys will also provide you with a rich seam of customer quotes and testimonials that can be used in your marketing.

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