Buyer Insight & Lead Generation

We have developed a unique buyer insight & lead generation service specifically designed to gather the information small to medium sized companies need to carry out highly cost effective and targeted sales and marketing activity.

Before spending any money on marketing it is important to find out as much as possible about your potential customers. For example who can place orders for your products and services at target companies, how do they search for suppliers and what do they look for when they choose their supplier?

The research phase of the process is carried out using tried and tested telephone survey templates that capture information crucial to the sales process – i.e.

• Names and contact details of decision makers and influencers.
• Products & services purchased.
• Frequency of purchase.
• Annual spend.
• Details of current suppliers.
• Key factors considered when selecting a supplier.
• Method of searching for new suppliers.

This information will enable you to deliver marketing messages that ‘hit the spot’ through the medium you know the buyers will use.

A high proportion of buyers participating in our surveys agree to receive introductory literature and the survey results allow you to personalise your message taking the needs of each individual company into account.

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